Bonsai trees

Discover the enchanting world of outdoor bonsai: explore our breathtaking collection of meticulously hand-selected bonsai specimens. Immerse yourself in an oasis of tranquility and find the perfect bonsai tree for your garden.

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Bonsai trees

The trees you find on our website have been individually selected by Maarten from mostly small nurseries in Japan and Korea, where they have been meticulously shaped by local bonsai growers with the utmost care and attention. Unless explicitly stated otherwise, we have photographed them individually. The tree you see in the photo is the exact tree you will receive from us.

Bonsai literally means: tree in pot. But this literal translation does not fully cover the load. A Bonsai is the image of a large tree in nature, kept in a suitable pot. Bonsai is not a special species, any tree species or woody plant can be turned into a Bonsai. These are grown and kept at their desired size with the help of various techniques, such as pruning branches and roots, special fertilization. Bonsai tree comes in many shapes and sizes. The maximum height is approximately one meter. Terms such as mame, shohin and chuhin represent the maximum height of the bonsai tree in one of these classes.

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