Bonsai Soils and Substrates

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With Bonsai you use special soil and substrates to grow the tree. Garden and potting soil, as you use it for bedding and pot plants, do not have the right properties to grow Bonsai well and healthily. Often these types of soil stay wet for too long or do not absorb the water properly. There are also trees that set specific requirements for the soil mix, such as the acidity of the soil. Different types of Bonsai soil are often mixed together. You do this to make optimal use of the positive properties of these different types of soil.

Akadama, 14 liter large grain of dubbel line hard quality. Akadama is a claylike substance of vulcanic origin and pH neutral. It absorbes water very well and stores ions. Perfect draining capacity. Contains no nutrients or trace elements. Best possible fe
Pumice stone is a volcanic stone for mixing with Akadama. The granules are round and off-white in color. Light in weight, but does not crumble. Pumice is PH neutral and absorbs water well. For both deciduous trees and conifers.
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