Bonsai Scissors

In bonsai, scissors are used for many different purposes. Each purpose requires a different type of scissor. BonsaiPlaza offers many different kinds of bonsai scissors in black steel, stainless steel, hand-forged and manufactured by machine.

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Matsu Stainless steel scissors 155mm
Stainless steel scissors 155mm
€31,99 €26,44
Matsu Stainless steel scissors 175mm
Stainless steel scissors 175mm
€37,99 €31,40
Matsu Stailess steel scissors 200mm
Stailess steel scissors 200mm
€37,99 €31,40
Matsu Stainless steel scissors 210mm
Stainless steel scissors 210mm
€37,99 €31,40
Matsu Root scissors 190mm
Root scissors 190mm
€20,49 €16,93
Matsu Scissors 180mm
Scissors 180mm
€16,99 €14,04
Matsu Scissors 195mm
Scissors 195mm
€21,49 €17,76
Matsu Scissors 210mm
Scissors 210mm
€21,49 €17,76
Matsu Cutting trimmer 180mm
Cutting trimmer 180mm
€22,95 €18,97 €10,59 €8,75
Matsu scissor 200 mm
scissor 200 mm
€16,95 €14,01 €12,79 €10,57
Grafting tool
Grafting tool
€85,99 €71,07
Silki wire cutter 120 mm
Silki wire cutter 120 mm
€26,99 €22,31
Leaf scissors 110 mm
Leaf scissors 110 mm
€3,79 €3,13
ARS K-800
ARS K-800
€79,99 €66,11
ARS KR-1000 shears
ARS KR-1000 shears
€117,99 €97,51
ARS Cutting trimmer 190mm
ARS Cutting trimmer 190mm
€31,99 €26,44
scissor 195 mm
scissor 195 mm
€21,49 €17,76
Hananomai Stainless steel shears 160 mm - Hananomai
Stainless steel shears 160 mm - Hananomai
€99,00 €81,82 €69,99 €57,84
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Scissors are used for various purposes in bonsai care. Some are designed specifically for leaf pruning and others for root pruning. Larger shears are designed for larger trees and the small shears are designed for medium sized trees and shohin.

Just like the pliers, the scissors at BonsaiPlaza are all carefully selected and of the highest quality. They are made of black steel and stainless steel and are hand forged or machine manifactured.

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